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4-14-02: Another entry in Jazz's Diary, which finally clears up my backlog. ;-)

4-11-02: It's been almost three months since the last additions to Jazz's Diaries were posted, and I hope this makes up for that delay a bit. Three new chapters, covering most of August 2006. Enjoy!

4-5-02: Due to some server issues, we are changing forum software. Everyone has to re-register and we're starting over from scratch, post-wise, but in the long run it's for the best. The old forum is archived here.

4-2-02: Created a 404 page for the fun of it. Check it out here. Who is she? Time may tell... Did a little reorganiztion on Jazz's diaries, splitting an entry so that all of the 2005 and 2006 dates are on the correct index page. Just straightening up a little.

3-22-02: Added a section for the second 'Above the 49th' campaign, 'A Winter's Tale'

3-21-02: Added a new character bio for Yasai. The texture for the T-shirt he is wearing is available in the Poser downloads section.

2-5-02: Life changes are going to be taking up a lot of time in the near future, so updates may be sporadic for a while.

1-28-02: Added the bio for Joseph Magnusson to the Age of Aquaria section, and changed the narration on the index page to reflect recent events in the campaign.

1-24-02: A good bit of stuff today. New art for Roslyn on the Forging Day NPC page (now you can look at the page at work and be safe), added art and bio for Rodrick to the Serious Steel character's page, and added a portrait of Morgan Lashae to the Forging Day PCs page. Lastly, moved the old portrait of Roslyn to the adult art page.

And more is yet to come...

1-22-02: Some formatting adjustments to the Forging Day journals. Same entry, new index page.

1-18-02: New character bios for Forging Day.

1-17-02: New entries in Jazz's diary - the remainder of July 21st and a very large entry covering the 22nd through the 31st. All the sex and violence you can shake a Talking Stick at!

1-15-02: Added the first diary entry for the Forging Day campaign.

1-14-02: Added portraits for Kobe & Seth to the Forging Day NPCs page.

1-8-02: More 'Thunder & Tears' goodies: a power group and the campaign house rules.

1-4-02: The 'Thunder & Tears' section is up. Sodorfo did his own logo, and it's very cool Stop by and check out his future history page..

1-1-02: Sorry for the lack of updates. What can I say; the holidays take up a lot of time.

New art: an employee of the Ka Corporation on the power groups page, and a brief update on the Ka Corporation itself.

12-9-01: Several new pictures up: Isgerd, Debbie, and Markas, from Forging Day.

12-6-01: Now up: the third chapter of the Journal of Joseph Magnusson, updated the PCs page for Forging Day. Added the July 20th & 21st chapters to Jazz's Diary

12-3-01: Changed out Kris's portrait, added an entry for armored dusters on the New Armor page. Style and substance!

11-29-01: More new art in Forging Day - added portraits for Steven and for Kris.

11-24-01: Two new character portraits in Forging Day.

11-23-01: Art for a new monster in the Forging Day section. Explanation forthcoming...

11-16-01: More goodies for the Forging Day campaign: some stuff on the PCs, art and bios for the NPCs (nudity warning!), and a local power group.

And this just in: the second entry in the Journal of Joseph Magnusson

11-11-01: We have another PBEM campaign starting up; Olivia will be running a game set in Santa Barbara, focusing on the struggle aginst the Ka Corporation. If you're interested, stop by the Forum, introduce yourself, and see if there's still room for players. Her campaign page is here.

In the main campaign area, there is a new chapter of Jazz's diary, continuing their journey to New Ectopia.

Lastly, added information about a number of NPCs from Above the 49th.

11-1-01: Added the TV show The Tribe to the resources page. It's currently showing on the WAM network, and is worth a look or two. It even gave rise to a couple of new magic items: the decanter of endless styling mousse and the makeup brush of facepainting +3.

10-29-01: Added a new monster courtesy of Trannyth. Scary bad guys - "The Change is irrelvent."

10-26-01: A new picture of Jennifer that is just too risque' for the main section; it's on the adult art page.

10-25-01: The Age of Aquaria section is open, offering a bit of future history about British Columbia and the beginning of a campaign journal. Check it out!

10-22-01: The third new chapter of Jazz's diary is up, and it is joined by the fourth chapter of the 'Above the 49th' journal - this one penned by Raighne, the feral wolf-child.

10-19-01: And now a second chapter. Expect the third tomorrow night.

10-18-01: A new chapter in Jazz's Diary is up here.

10-16-01: Put up a picture of Terry/Reeve/Ian in the 'Prairie Fire' NPCs page. Suspicious looking character, if you ask me....

10-9-01: And now the second new chapter is up.

10-8-01: The first of at least two new chapters in Jazz's diary is up.

10-6-01: Put up the art for Mitzi the dragon. No bio yet...

10-5-01: Added some bio information and some pictures to the Prairie Fire NPCs page. The technomancer class has been redone and re-edited, and is now ready for use.

Free your mind. Be the One....

9-30-01: Finished the artwork for Mitchell's bio; now, to actually DO the bio, and a writup on Yuma Free Zone...

9-28-05: Added the latest chapter of the 'Above the 49th' campaign journal. Thanks for the great job, Karista!

9-20-01: Added a map of campaign areas to the Regional Campaigns page. There is also a large version of the map available for download; it's 600k, so be sure you want it if you're not on broadband or DSL. Added an NPCs page to the Prairie Fire section.

9-18-01: At long last, the second of Olivia's journal chapters is up. Reconstructing the party's early adventures is a bit of a task, since none of us were taking extensive notes at the time. But it does occasionally have dividends. I had made a mistake in their recent adventure with the Aztlan rebels; I had noted that the party had encountered their first massmind in Show Low, Arizona when in fact it was Thoreau, New Mexico. The diaries have been updated to reflect this errata.

9-10-01: Added art for White Buffalo Calf Woman in the power groups page. I guess it's about time that page got an overhaul and a lot of needed updates. I'll add it to my list of things to do...

9-6-01: The conclusion of the July 7th diary is up. Father A made the journey from his home in Kansas all the way to Denver to join us for this session, where he played Mitchell for the day. As a consequence, he is going to be developing the Yuma Free Zone, a new area that Mitchell is now Mayor of.

It's a DC 30 to spot an Azrael running cloaked. And damn if he didn't roll it...

8-27-01: The first two diary entries for the 'Above the 49th' campaign are up, and can be found here. Rockthunder has also given us some of the house rules for his campaign, including a writeup on the Elemental-Kin. Fire-kin are just the thing for those cold Canadian nights...

8-23-01: The diary entries for the rest of July 6th and the beginning of the 7th are up. Next stop: laying waste to Yuma!

8-15-01: The regional campaigns page is up, as are the pages for each campaign. If you read the Forum regularly, most of the material will be familiar, but that should change soon. Stop in and have a look!

8-6-01: Finished the bio for Olias.

8-5-01: Added the diary entry for July 6, 2006.

7-31-01 Finally finished the diary entry for July 5th.

7-24-01 The bio and artwork for Greyson Phillips ('Armani') are up.

7-23-01: Yesterday we passed 10,000 hits - woo hoo! Of course, that's what Eric Noah gets in a single day, but I'm happy with it. ;-)

Added in a few more items to the GM resources page and added a link to a Fallout-based comic done in Poser - very nice stuff!

7-18-01: Been a while since the last update! Sorry about that!

Added a bio and artwork for Randall, the waster who helped the party defend Montrose from the NDR. Quite an interesting fellow....

7-8-01: Added a page of resources for DM's thinking of running a post-apocalyptic campaign in any system. Books, movies, TV shows, and background music. Also added art for Olias; bio is in progress. Lastly, added a new magic item that will probably be very popular....

7-3-01: Added theme songs to most of the NPC descriptions. 'Every hero has got to have theme music', to paraphrase "I'm Gonna' Get You Sucka'". The songs give me a quick handle on the individual's personality. I also like the PCs to have theme songs too...

I also wanted to mention that there are two more campaigns in development. Prairie Fire is being developed by Rev. Nomad, and Rockthunder brings us Above the 49th.

Prairie Fire covers the heartland of America: Kansas, Nebraska, the Dakotas, and the surrounding areas. Rev. Nomad is a Methodist minister in his day job; who better to lay waste to the Bible Belt? ;-)

Rockthunder felt that Canada is always getting off easy - after all, the evil aliens in Independence Day didn't attack one single Canadian city! A new ice age and independence for Quebec are just the beginning...

Stop by the Forum and join in the discussion. It's a big world; but together, we can reduce it to a smoking ruin in no time!

7-2-01: Redid the art for the waster entry - I was just tired of the gray, default Poser background. Besides, it was one of the first renders I ever did and I wanted something with a little more 'oomph' to it. Also did some lighting correction on the portrait for Connors.

6-27-01: Posted Jazz's diary entry for the first part of July 5th.

6-26-01: Added the rest of the July 4th chapter of Jazz's diary.

6-20-01: Added a new piece of anti-Dubya art to the Artworks page. Click here to see it. Not my work, but kudos to whoever did do it! Also added Charlie's bio and art; Tiffani Minxx makes a guest appearance.

6-18-01: Finished the art for Dallas' bio.

6-14-01: Added game stats to the Juggernaut entry on the vehicles page.

6-13-01: Added Klingons to the races page, with art, and noted the Rage racial feat on the feats page.

6-12-01: Added Jazz's diary entry for the first part of the 4th of July. The fireworks start early....

6-11-01: Calloo, callay, oh frabjous day ! No site updates, but some fun news. A new campaign is coming soon. Serious Steel: The East Side is being developed by a chap from Florida named Marty (myrkul999 in our Forum & the Yahoo! Dungeon Master's Guild) It will take place on the east coast of the former United States. Marty is also a web designer and a Poser practitioner, so his campaign site should be pretty nice; it will also be heavily cross-linked with this one as it develops.

So, a round of your choice of beverage, and our best wishes to you, Marty, and to your players, for a fun and long-lived campaign! Qapla'!

6-9-01: Redid the NPC's page. It was way too long to be easily navigated. It's broken into four sections now, and each entry can be picked directly from the main page. Updated the bios for Vaschanka and Vesta as well.

6-6-01: Made some spelling and typo corrections to Jazz's recent diary entries. Also added a new feat: Manifestation. It allows you to use Zaphod.....

6-5-01: Posted bios for Maisara and Dallas on the NPCs page. No picture of Dallas yet, sorry!

6-4-01: Put up some teaser art for Maisara, Dallas' "little green girlfriend", on the NPCs page.

5-28-01: New art and a bio for Slash, the Drow priestess of Eilistraee the party just encountered.

5-26-01: Two new chapters of Jazz's diary, May 4th-13th and July 2nd-3rd.

5-23-01: Added Jazz's diary entry for the 3rd of May.

5-22-01: Updated the front page with the most recent happenings in the campaign, and added a new Poser site to the links page. No new poll this time; I'd like to thank everyone that participated in the most recent ones. Your feedback is much appreciated.

5-17-01: Our public forum is online and open. It still needs a little cosmetic work, but feel free to drop in and say "Hi!".

5-16-01: Tacked an addendum on to the end of the 5-2-06 entry of Jazz's Diary. The day wasn't quite over yet.

5-13-01: The new poll is up - a day late, but sometimes life gets in the way. The first quote archive has been created; it can be accessed from the quotes page.

5-10-01: Tomorrow is the last day for the current poll, and I thank everyone that participated. The next poll is going to be about a project we're working on - opening up a public discussion forum. We'll be asking what kinds of topics you would be interested in. If you have any suggestions, feel free to put them in the guestbook! On the links page, you can find our first animated link banner - not bad, considering I've never tried to make one before!

5-8-01: Picked up the Star Wars d20 RPG book, and decided what skills and feats from the SW universe are available.

5-7-01: It was a slow day at work, so I finally finished the write-ups for the Elvis Donuts. At last the secrets of this scourge of the post-Change world are revealed for all!

5-6-01: Finished out the entries I had started on the races page. Next up: centaurs and Orion females....

5-5-01: Did an overhaul of the index page for aesthetic reasons. Olivia's journal makes it's debut, starting to cover some of the missing entries in the campaign's history. Also finished the existing entries on the races page.

5-1-01: Vesta's wedding picture is finally done, and can be seen in the 5-2-06 chapter of Jazz's Diary.

4-29-01: Put up a new poll on the front page! What would you like to see more of on the site? Naked Elf Babes is not one of the answers, sorry.... Also added another Diary chapter.

4-28-01: Added the latest chapter of Jazz's diary.

4-20-01: Added a quotes page and a quote of the day to the front page. Jazz & Olivia have been collecting quotes they feel apply to life in the new world (or that just tickle them) and are putting them up for all to see. Also made a few correction to the layout of the most recent diary entry.

4-19-01: The latest chapter of Jazz's diary is up. As an added bonus, it includes Olivia's conception of Zaphod. Charlie's idea of Zaphod is forthcoming.

4-18-01: OK my apologies for the length of time since the last update. Hopefully we're back on track here and updates will be more regular. Today, there are four new spells offered up. They are on (of course) the new spells page. Coming up in the near future: several more diary entries, wedding pictures, and Olivia will tell a tale of the early days of the Change. And I promise I'll stop obsessively playing Fallout: Tactics every night and devote more energy to the site!

3-29-01: Put up our second poll on the index page. The first one was a rousing success; let's hope this one is as well!

3-23-01: Added image of the Grays to the monsters page.

3-20-01: Added picture of the scro queen to the Ka Corporation entry on the power groups page.

3-19-01: A little bit of organizational change today. The campaign journal page has been removed, and Jazz's diary is now the one and only journal for the campaign. Jazz gets a new index page and some new artwork. Her diary is now divided by year for easier navigation. There is also a new item creation feat, and some more racial feats are in the works.

3-17-01: The party discovers the truth behind Essex and Manzanar - find out for yourself in the latest chapters of Jazz's diary, covering April 26th & 27th, 2006.

3-15-01: Ave, Caesar! Respice post te, mortalem te esse memento!
New today: Finally finished portraits of the PCs as humans and put them up in Jazz's Diary. If things go well, I'm hoping to be able to illustrate a few scenes from the diaries and add them to the appropriate chapters. And the Latin? Some unheeded advice, many years too late.

3-11-01: The party survived their first encounter with the toxic dead, and now they are up on the monsters page. I redid the picture I used for them and they are ready to play! Also added a new racial feat for Sylvan elves on the New Feats page.

It's dead - YOU kill it!3-9-01: A small teaser today - a preview of a new monster the party will soon encounter. Details to follow once the encounter takes place. I've been doing a fair amount of stuff, but nothing ready for the public yet. Also made some minor corrections and fixed a few grammar errors in the diaries.

3-7-01: The poll has closed! See the correct answer on the front page. Also made some spelling and grammar corrections to Jazz's April 25 diary. One piece of errata: Vaschanka's last words were "Best...death...ever!", not "Best...death...yet!". Small difference, but an important one.

3-6-01: The latest chapter of Jazz's Diary is up here.

3-4-01: Finished the entry on Olivia's magic Harley, on the new magic items page.

3-3-01: I finally found a good image for the Azrael, in Deus Ex from Eidos. Great game! The screenshot used for the Azrael is from Deus Ex, and can be found (along with the Azrael description) on the vehicles page.

3-01-01: Finished bios for Debbie and Connors, both on the NPCs page.

2-28-01: No real new stuff up today, but lots in the works! The one thing I just had to share is an .Mp3 I found of Jesse Ventura singing "Eve of Destruction"! Talk about a theme song....anyway, you can download it here. If anyone knows where I can get the CD this came from, please drop me an email.

2-26-01: Updates to the campaign overview on the index page. Also on the index page: added a poll about what really caused the Change - drop by and vote!

2-19-01: Added a bio for Leo Mitchell on the NPCs page.

2-16-01: Added a new link banner for the site, available on the Links page

2-15-01: Put up a revised and expanded bio for Michael in the Characters section. The first new spell for the campaign was added to the New Spells page. Painweb is a great spell for taking down pushy, high-level adventurers in any campaign.

2-13-01: Added a new picture of Olivia to the Adult Art section. Added a link to Fantasy's Realm, a website run by Lady Aleena, a regular at the TSR chat room. Added a link to the RPGTopsites voting. If you have a moment and enjoy the site, please consider casting a vote for me! The link is on the home page.

2-12-00: Redid the portrait for the drow elves to include Wormy. It's his first time making a public appearance, and probably his last.

2-11-01: Did a little cleanup in the Adult Art section and added two new pictures of Alfred. Also did a new thumbnail for the 'Jennifer and the Juggernaut'. Found two very appropriate sound files for Alfred and set up links to them from the Adult Art page. Put up three images of Jazz showing off her tattoos in the Adult Art page

2-10-01: Alfred has a new character sketch, showing off his new physique, using Wyrmmaster's new Massive Mike figure. Several changes in the links; added links to some 3e sites, added a link to Renderosity as part of the community effort to mend fences.

2-8-01: Signed up with a new guestbook service. Feel free to drop us a line! Finally got the artwork together to do the Elvis Donuts entry on the monsters page. Be afraid, baby. Be verruh, verruh afraid...

2-7-01: Added the latest chapters of Jazz's Diaries, April 15th through the 24th, 2006, which cover the first part of the party's trip to Las Vegas. New enemies, new allies, the first meeting between the Kingdom and representatives of the Kansas Coalition, intrigues wrapped in lies cloaked in deceptions, gratuitous sucking up, and the first steps towards resolving the campaign's first overreaching story arc. Also added a bio for Hizzoner and fixed the navigation button for the Poser downloads section.

Added a preview of a morph target I'm working on for Zygote's Vicki, and added a link to download some artwork objects for use in The Sims.

2-4-01: Redid the graphic for the drow elves entry on the 'Races' page..

2-1-01: Added a graphic for the moon elves to the races page.

1-28-01: Changed the graphic for the catsuit armor on the Poser Downloads page, added a bio for the Overlord of the Holiday Inn on the NPCs page.

1-21-01: Added Vesta's bio and a bio for Vaschanka the Mighty to the 'NPCs' page, also added Justine's portrait.

1-18-01: Added a new section to the 'Links' page, covering a few really good anti-Bush sites. I will understand if it upsets my conservative readers. If you support Bush, fine. That's your right. But, you do realize, don't you, that you are supporting someone who looks to Dan Quayle for advice? He'd get better results from a broken Magic 8-Ball!

1-17-01: Added the latest chapters of Jazz's Diary, covering April 2-6, 2006. Added graphic for gold elves on the 'Races' page. Olias is SUCH a Twinkie! He is just going to ruin Jazz's reputation...

1-16-01: Added "What's New" page. Added graphic to 'sylvan elves' entry under "Races". Corrected a couple of broken links to the "Crom" and "Technomancy" pages.

1-14-01: The hit counter for the site looked really strange this morning: it was about 500 hits higher than it had been the night before. I found out that RPGPlanet had mentioned us on their front page and provided a link to the site. Hits are coming fast and furious.

1-12-01: Added "Living La Viva Las Vegas" as a child of the "Power Groups" page