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9-1-03: New chapters in Jazz's Diary; Halloween just isn't the same... Some folks from East Side have jumped across country to join the fight in Forging Day. Updated bios when I get them...

7-20-03: Finished a new portrait reflecting recent events in Jazz & Leo's life. Also updated the bios for Leo & Lucifer.

6-27-03: Now up in Jazz's Diary: The Llama Clause, and the Venetian changes hands.

6-23-03: Another two chapters of Jazz's diary are up. Coming in the next chapter: the Llama Clause!

6-20-03: Two new chapters of Jazz's Diary, covering the conquest of Reno and (on a happier note) her wedding. More chapters are edited & ready to go up, too...

3-24-03: New title page art for Age of Aquaria - much more dramatic, if I do say so myself. Also a minor update to Kris' bio in Forging Day. Show of hands: anyone think Vedek Morgan would look better with a Matrix-ish makeover? Woah!

3-13-03:Xalraun's bio is up in the Winter's Tale section.

3-10-03: Two more chapters of Jazz's diary done - a little comic relief to start the work week off.

3-7-03: Added a page for the Age of Aquaria characters. It's pretty basic right now; anyone want to submit some bios and spruce it up a little? New chapters in Jazz's Diaries, too. Finally, got a portrait of Xalraun up in Winter's Tale.

3-3-03: Brand new, a chapter in the Forging Day campaign journal. Amaze your friends, confuse your enemies! Finished a portrait of Xalraun and am awaiting a bio for him (or at least as much as the GM wants to give away), and have a number of Jazz's diaries awaiting editing - about 16 of them! It was a good week for content...

2-23-03: Art and a bio for an upcoming NPC in 'Winter's Tale' - Angelique's twin sister Johanne. Redid the logo graphic for Age of Aquaria. Just got some new Photoshop filters; of course I had to play with them...

2-17-03: Some new bios today; Syrinx, Max, and Targh take the stage.

1-17-03: Redid Callie's portrait; she was too pink. Also added more background to Sister Lori's bio. Still waiting for some bios, but I can't complain too much; I owe myself bios for Targh, Calamity, Taryn, and Thelma...

1-9-03: Lots of new art, which has been taking up a lot of time recently. There are new portraits for Forging Day, Winter's Tale, and East Side. Still need bios from a few of the players, but...all things in time.

11-22-02: Added an entry for Akasha in the main campaign NPC pages, just to give the Forging Day crowd an idea of what they are up against.

11-18-02: Did a quick portrait of Akasha for Jazz's Diary. I love women who play rough.

11-15-02: Two new chapters of Jazz's Diary are up. Now that d20 Modern is out, there may be some more stuff in the works.

10-22-02: Just finished a new chapter of Jazz's Diary and got it uploaded. Still have some more material that needs to be edited, so there's at least one more chapter coming up in the next few days. There's also some updates coming for East Side, Forging Day, Winter's Tale, and Aquaria.

10-18-02: Added an important new NPC to the Forging Day area. Not much information on him yet, but then the party has only just met him.

10-10-02: OK, I've been really bad about the updates. Jazz's diaries now extend into 2007, with a few more on the way. Real life can be a pain, sometimes.

6-7-02: Four new chapters of Jazz's Diary, covering late August to late September, and introducing Yasai, our newest player character. Also added some art for one of the monsters...nothing major, though...

5-31-02: Redid the monsters, moving every monster on to its own page and pulling the critters from the regional campaigns into the main entry. There are new monsters, and I finally posted stats on some of the ones that have been sitting around for a while.

5-30-02: Added the MiB Gauss pistol to the 'New Weapons' page, along with a new picture of the lovely Agent Celenza demonstrating it. Updated the 'Forging Day - New Monsters' page with the game info on the Media Jackel and a complete write-up on a brand new monster, the Chupacabra! Also added a placeholder for the Bluebirds of Unhappiness. Archived all the old 'What's New' entries to clean up some space.

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