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No web is complete without a links page.  A lot of resources go into constructing a good D&D campaign; here are a few of the ones I have found most useful.

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D&D Links

TSR/Wizards of the Coast - Dungeons and Dragons 3rd Edition

Wizards of the Coast
Wizards of the Coast


Community 3E

A good all-around site for 3e news. Links to a number of great campaign sites and 3e resources (including, of course, this one!)

Community 3e 


Campaign Background Links

Area 51 - Great jumping off point for entry into the world of the weird.  Though I must admit I get tickled when I see something I threw into the campaign as a "black tech" item mentioned as being under development - the electrochromatic skin on the Azraels is one example.

Random Factors

The CD that served as the inspiration for the campaign, Serious Steel , by Leslie Fish and Joe Bethancourt, is available here, along with a great quantity of other filk and non-filk titles.

SENAA International

An excellent starting point for learning about the Big Mountain issue.  I don't even pretend to be impartial on this one....


Hail To The Thief


Stop the Insanity!!
The President We Didn't Elect

The title says it all...


Buy some bumper stickers!

Poser Resources

Armageddon Press

A great Fallout-based comic done in Poser, and links to some good resources for the post-apocalyptic Poser artist! Now, if we can just get someone to do a Poser Deathclaw.....



Source of the lovely "Liberty 2100" image used on the "Power Groups" page for the entry on the current United States. Some wonderful tutorials on painting post-render hair and clothing in Photoshop. Truly one of the Poser communities best artists. Even if you don't work in Poser, check his site out.




Clothes, props, characters, etc.  Also host of FairyWoods, home of one of the best texture artists the Poser community has, Renapd.


PropsGuild - A must for anyone working with 3D models.


go to Renderosity

Swords are being beaten into plowshares all over the Poser community. I honestly hope it lasts. In the spirit of burying hatchets someplace other than each other's backs, I've reactivated my Renderosity membership and am adding a link to them.




The online resource for adult 3D graphics.


Some very nice textures for Vicki's wardrobe



A home for faeries and other wee folk.  Source of (among other things) the moonwand used for the spiritual hammer spell Jazz is casting in her character portrait. 


3D Commune


Photographic Credits

The picture of Black Mesa (Big Mountain) used in the section on the Thunderbirds is 2000 by Larry DiLucchio and is used by permission. His site, Navajo Central, can be accessed here.



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