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Every campaign has its house rules.  Mine are available here as downloadable Word documents.

The coupons mentioned in the combat section are things I hand out to the players and to the party as a whole as Christmas/Midwinter gifts.  They usually allow the players to get an automatic critical hit, or to make saving throws, or to give the entire party initiative.  There are also coupons which allow the player to reconsider really ill-advised actions after the fact (the DOH!!! coupons are highly valued, as are the party-level Restore from Previous Save coupons).

Several of these topics are under construction and will be detailed as soon as possible.

House RulesHouse Rules Addendum
Character Options
Elf - the Other White MeatAnything You Can Do I Can Do BetterI Can Do Anything Better Than You
Bright Shiny Things For Adventurers To Collect"Painweb.  P-A-I-N-W-E-B.  Painweb""I'm casting 'Summon Lovebug' on his spellbook!"
Reach Out and Touch SomeoneKevlar is a Girl's Best FriendOohh!  Aahh!  Neat!  Pretty!Iron Horses and Gas-Powered Dragons