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Juggernaut adult versionJennifer and the Juggernaut
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A vehicle from my D&D campaign and the obligatory spokesmodel.  The newest toy for 21st-century road rage.

Poser 4, Juggernaut courtesy of the Propsguild, background is (I believe) one of the wallpapers from Windows 2000.

This is the 800x600 version. If you would like the 1024x768 version, click here. (550k)


Goodbye Kiss

This is one the first images I did with Poser. Olivia and Jennifer having a going-away party.

Poser 4, background is by Black Isle Studios, from their awesome CRPG Fallout.

Alfred let himself be talked into posing for a few pictures after the last adventure; here's two of them. One is from the swimming pool at the Bellagio, the other is from one of the suites at Caesar's Palace.

Sunset at Caesar'sSunset at Caesar's

Click here for an appropriate sound file for the boy

Pool BoyPool Boy

Click here for another appropriate sound file


Jazz's New Tats

New tatsThis is a series of shots showing off the tattoos Jazz got recently.





Jazz, front tattoosJazz, back tattoos

Olivia's Piercings

Olivia, piercingsOlivia had some body work done as well; it's a bit more drastic than Jazz's, since tattoos don't work well on drow skin.

Welcome Home

Jennifer is wearing one of Olivia's favorite outfits as she waits to welcome her home from another successful mission.


This is the original portrait I did for Roslyn - her, as a human, in her normal business attire.