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Regional Campaigns

The world is a big place - too big for one campaign and one DM to cover.

Here you will find tales of other lands ravaged by the Change, and of the heroes who call these lands home.

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Above the 49th - DM Rockthunder

In December of 2004, a vanguard of snow squalls and ice storms swept through most of Canada.

They knocked out power lines and crippled vast areas of major cities – the effects were easily tripled and quadrupled in intensity versus the Ice Storm of 1998.

Then the Change hit…

Above the 49th: A Winter's Tale - DM Rockthunder

It is a time of civil war in Montreal.

As 2006 draws to a close, rebel forces, striking from a hidden refuge of warmth and sunlight, have won their first victory against the evil alliance of beholders, drow, and mind flayers that rules Montreal. Rebel spies infiltraited the fortress of Xalraun, the beholder overlord, and obtained valuable intelligence regarding the alliance's future plans.

Far away, the Grand Master of the Jedi Council in Ottawa has secretly dispatched two Jedi knights to the Montreal region, under orders to restore peace and justice to this troubled region...

The Age of Aquaria - DM Takeda

Technology no longer works.

The Old Gods walk the earth once more.

Trolls stalk the night seeking their human prey.

In Aquaria, people work together to push back the darkness of a cold and inhospitable world.

The Vikings of times long past ride the waves again, but is it as wonderful as people thought it would be?

The East Side - DM Myrkul999

The Change hit the East Coast just as hard as it hit the West, if reports from New York can be believed.

South Florida, however, survived relatively unharmed. At least, until Castro's forces invaded.

Bienvenidos a Nueva Cubana...

Forging Day - DM Olivia

That which does not kill us makes us stronger..

Prairie Fire - DM Rev. Nomad

Welcome to the Heartland of America...

Thunder and Tears - DM Sodorfo

The Earth shakes under the force of man-made Hellfire, and the Time of Tears is proclaimed in a mighty voice...