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Dr. Anton West


Augusta Abigail Maximilian, Nobilissima Femina - LG Human Female Diplomat 20
Quote: Oderint dum metuant. (Let them hate me, provided they fear me)
Theme Song: Parade of Charioteers from Ben Hur, Miklos Rozsa

"Civitas Romanum!"Abigail Maximilian became well known in the early days of Hollywood as a generous patron of the arts. She gave initial funding to a number of aspiring writers and directors, and recede lavish returns on her investments. She became a star-maker, and her influence could make or break people in the industry. She shielded a number of people from blacklisting during the anti-Communist witch hunts, and used the contacts she made while doing so to expand from the film industry into buying and selling politicians - also a profitable commodity.

Even though she retired from public life in the early 1980s, she remained a power to be reckoned with. Many of the people who became famous due to her patronage had themselves become members of the Hollywood power elite. Her status on the Board of Directors of several studios, distribution companies, and a television network, as well as her membership in the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences preserved her power.

In 1989, she bought several parcels of land in Monticito and had the multi-million dollar mansions on them razed. She then imported, stone by stone, an ancient Roman noble's villa from Parma. The loss of such an immense national treasure was overlooked by a number of generously compensated Italian government officials.

Abigail's passion is all things Roman. She believes firmly that she spent a number of lifetimes as various Roman nobles. Once the villa was complete, she hired a number of young men to become her 'Praetorian Guard', a generous helping of young women musicians and dancers (often theater students from UCSB), and a bevy of young ladies to act as 'stabularia', or 'stable-girls', for the entertainment of her guests.

Abigail refused several offers to escape the Change and seek safety off-plane; she felt that the dishonor of abandoning her home would be worse than dying. Her employees did not have a choice; she kept them with her, and, by will alone, shaped them into new images as the wild magic of the Change began to make its presence known.

Her 'Praetorians' became towering minotaurs, as did the small group of gladiatrixes she kept. Her 'stable-girls' also changed, but their forms were not predetermined.

Her villa is well defended; both mundanely and magically. Her Sibyl predicts threats against her, and her Praetorians are a force few care to face. Penitents wishing to speak with her are advised to call her Augusta, or by the full English translation of her other title: Most Honored and Noble Lady.

Many of the Ka executives owe a good portion of their position and power to her; the local garrison in Santa Barbara has standing orders to leave her and her employees alone.

Abigail's great-nephew, Greyson Phillips, is her only known remaining living relative; each believes the other to be dead.

Debbie Winter LG Orion female
Theme Song:











Isgerd Sheep-Bitten
Quote: "Ooops..."
Theme Song: How Do You Solve a Problem Like Maria?, The Sound of Music










Kobe Otake - LG Vulcan female Expert 7 (Healer)
Quote: "I'm sure there is a logical explanation for this...."
Theme Song: Silk Road, Kitaro









Mathias Thorsson, Regional Manager, Ka Corporation - LE Human male Fighter 15
Quote: "You might get lucky and get off with crucifixion."
Theme Song: Cardassian Days, The Duras Sisters

Mathias Thorsson is the Regional Manger (read: military governor) for the Santa Barbara region. Pre-Change, he was an Army Colonel in charge of a Military Police command.

His job is to keep the peace, make sure the region is profitable, and put down any insurrections or uprisings.

He does not indulge in cruelty for its own sake, and keeps his troops in line with the same harshness he uses on the civilian population.

His quarters and offices are both in the former Santa Barbara City Hall.


Roslyn Vincoeur - LG Gold Elf female Expert 3 (Marine Biology)
Quote: "You and what army?"
Theme Song: Rum-Tum-Tugger, Cats, Andrew Lloyd Webber

What - youe never seen an elf before?Roslyn came to Santa Barbara in 1994 to pursue a marine biology degree. Her loans ran out the first year, so she began hunting for scholarships and grants. She found a workstudy-based scholarship that promised "lots of cetacean encounters" and "hands-on deep ocean work" while working as a lab assistant for one of the senior professors. She got the position, but soon learned that there had been a notable lack of competition. Then she found out why.

Professor Branson's area of work was the decay cycle of dead organisms in deep water. He considered it a joke of the highest quality to describe the task of watching a dolphin decay in a pressure tank as a "cetacean encounter". Roslyn hated it, and her grades began to plummet. The final straw for her came in early 1997, when Branson rousted her out of her bed (he never explained how he got her apartment key) at 3:00 am so they could drive to an area north of San Francisco to do a specimen collection.

When she tried to grab her blanket to cover herself, he yanked it away from her, saying, "All mammals have mammaries; you think yours are so special?" He stomped around her room while she dressed, then he grabbed her arm and physically dragged her outside to his car.

All the way to the site, he lectured her on her laziness, general inattentiveness, and lack of personal maturity - none of which was based in fact. When they finally reached the site, Roslyn was starving, depressed, and totally cried out. Then she saw what they were there for - a dead humpback whale had washed ashore.

Branson gave her a chainsaw and a box of sample jars, then told her to collect tissue samples from all the major organs & the digestive tract while he photographed seagull pecking activity. When she refused, he slapped her to the ground. He was lifting her up by her hair and slapping her repeatedly when a police car came by and rescued her.

In the aftermath, she received a discreet (but substantial) settlement from the school and withdrew quietly. Branson was terminated after he plead guilty to several charges. As part of the plea agreement, no charges were entered that would classify him as a sex offender.

During her time as a student, Roslyn had often frequented a bookstore called The Undiscovered Country. The owner wanted to sell; Roslyn had more than enough to cover it. She had always wished there was a coffee bar inside it; now, as the new owner, she decided to put one in. All she had to do was eliminate the Harlequin romance section and she had all the space she needed. She moved in to the small apartment above the store immediately and filed for the permits she would need to operate a coffee house.

While re-plastering the walls one day, well before she was due to re-open, she decided to do the work in a bikini bottom so as to keep her clothes from getting messed up. Unfortunately, a building inspector chose that day for a surprise inspection visit to make sure her renovations were following code. They were, but the inspection never got that far. He had her closed down for operating an escort service, and she was arrested for indecent exposure.

Of course, she fought it. The indecent exposure charge was dismissed when she pointed out that she had never intended anyone to see her, and that until her permits were granted and she opened for business, the entire building was essentially her residence. The judge also ruled that her saying, "What the fuck do you want?" was not a solicitation for prostitution, and that was dismissed. The court finally had to order the city to allow her to open her business. The city attorney told her that she could have her coffee shop, but that he'd better not hear of her being topless again, regardless of what the law and the courts said.

On opening day, in front of a crowd of media and well-wishers, she thanked the city attorney for all the free advertising - and stripped off her T-shirt as she opened the door.

The city has stopped complaining, but she still can't get a membership in the local Chamber of Commerce.

Note: Roslyn's original portrait has been moved to the Adult Art section.

Seth Arnaud - LG Half-elf male Expert 8 (Healer)
Quote: "Children of the night...SHUT UP!"
Theme Song: Fly By Night, from Love at First Bite









Steven Winter - LN Human male Mage/Cleric 5/9 (Crom)
Theme Song: Tubular Bells, Mike Oldfield

"Strength and Honor are not mere words."Steven spent most of his adult life as a member of the Temple of Set, achieving the rank of Magus IV in the Order of Leviathan. While the introspection and discipline of Xeper - the Setian process of Becoming, or self-realization and actualization - were rewarding and fulfilling for him, he became aware that it was not enough. Like any good Setian, he applied himself vigorously to finding this weakness and purging it.

Unfortunatly, he discovered that the problem was a desire to compete head-to-head with representatives of other religions in a no-holds-barred battle for the hearts and minds of the common person. The fact that he was a tort litigator may have had something to do with this decidedly un-Setian concern with impressing the herd.

He converted to Crom's faith after encountering Crom's Chosen and seeing her power with his own eyes. Her ability to both heal and destroy through overt displays of fantastically powerful magic awed him. Prayer as such isn't really a Setian thing, but he indulged in it on this occasion.

He asked for the power to confront and confound the Chosen even at the cost of his own life, but received no answer. Crom offered him the overt powers he desired; he considered for a moment, then told Set to sod off and converted to Crom.

He has studied under the Chosen for seven years now, and is well qualified to lead his own temple. For this reason, the Chosen appointed him caretaker of the temple until magic on Earth stabilizes enough for her to return. He now resides on the temple grounds with his wife, Debbie.

His hobbies include kendo, full-contact jai-alai, ice hockey (he plays forward), chess, opera, and Thai kickboxing. He speaks Japanese, Ancient Latin, Old English, Hieratic, and Coptic.