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The Characters

Callie Larson - Female, race unknown
Casting call: Rachael Leigh Cook
Theme song: Son of a Preacher Man, Dusty Springfield












Chance - NG Human male Jedi Guardian 6
Quote: "Weeping piles of evolving darkness climb from the gutter, desperate for their next fix. Somehow they find the money. Human excrement slides past me, peddling its narcotic wares. The refuse and scraps of torn waste flock and follow the hawkers of pain. If they have money they procure their pleasured pain. They fuse it with their bodies. Ecstasy then agony. The cycle begins anew. It could rain for a million years and all the suffering and sorrow would not be washed clean. I hum a tune."
Theme Song: Burn, The Cure

Chance is 19, and has been on the streets since he was 15. He has been in and out of foster homes since he was a year and a half old.

His left eye is a brilliant sky blue, a legacy of his biological father's habit of shaking infants to keep them quiet. His mother died of a drug overdose when one of her johns paid her in high-grade China White, and his father is serving consecutive life terms for killing four people, including two undercover DEA officers, during a drug deal.

Chance left his last foster home at 15. He landed in L.A. with a change of clothes and a twenty. He lived on the streets there until July of 2004, when the riots hit the Southlands.

He came upon two cops executing a pimp and getting ready to rape several of the girls. Chance shot them both in the back of their heads.

Being wanted as a cop-killer is uncomfortable, to say the least. Chance left town on the back of an Amtrak bound for San Francisco. He got off in Santa Barbara to relieve himself, and wound up wandering into Roslyn's. He stayed too long and missed his train.

At Roslyn's, he met the Crows and became involved with them. Roslyn knows he is wanted in LA, but not what he is wanted for.

He wears the Crow facepaint almost all the time, and none of the Santa Barbara cops he has encountered have linked him with the 'unknown party' warrant out of LA.

George Forrester - Gold Elf male Cleric 3 (Corellon)
Theme song: I Feel So Alive, P.O.D.

George was a straight B student in High school, with the exception of his Literature class. He was the Class Darling; he could do no wrong. He had a career goal in sight: Writer. He was going to write for Dragon Magazine if it killed him.

His home life was good, his parents the typical suburban mommie and daddy. He was in fact, quite bored.

He'd often escape into the Forgotten Realms, roaming the sword coast with Drizzt Do'Urden, dancing along the Moonshaes with the Ffolk, and into his own stumbling novels, where the main character was a Priest of Corellon. His stories followed the general course of his D&D campaign, in which he played a elven Priest of Corellon.

He was all prepared for a marathon session of D&D, and in fact a great weekend, when, to put it simply, all hell broke loose.



James Dolittle - Human male Tamer 1 (Deceased)
Quote: I never saw a wild thing/sorry for itself./A small bird will drop frozen dead from a bough/without ever having felt sorry for itself. -- D. H. Lawrence, Self-Pity
Theme Song: In The End, Linkin Park


Jason Stone - Drow male (Alpha) Monk 2 (Deceased)
Theme Song: Smuggler's Blues, Glenn Frey


John Miller III - Drow male (Alpha) Wizard 4
Theme Song:

John and Malloran













Morgan Koral - Bajoran male Cleric 3 (The Prophets)
Quote: "The Dal'Rok wakes, but we are ready. In the shadow of the night he hungers, with the hatred of the ancients he rages, from the twisted pit of chaos he approaches. The Dal'Rok's anger is like a wave crashing down upon the village. The weight of its fury threatens to crush us all. The Dal'Rok thinks the village is powerless to defend itself, but it is mistaken. The village is strong, much stronger than the Dal'Rok can ever imagine. With our strength, our unity, we shall drive the Dal'Rok away. The village shall not be destroyed. Despite our fears we shall stand our ground and face the Dal'Rok. The village is strong, more powerful than the Dal'Rok, together we will use that power to drive it away. The Dal'Rok is defeated, the village is safe."
Theme Song: "Forever May Not Be Long Enough", Live, The Mummy Returns

"Trust the Prophets"Morgan Anderson was a successful corporate lawyer at the beginning of a very promising career. He had it all; wife, daughter, beautiful home, two cars...

He was fulfilling both his own and his father's dreams. The latest in a family of lawyers, Morgan would likely have become an orc with Ka had it not been for the Incident.

About six months before the Change, there was an accident - a case of road rage. The other driver ran his wife's car off the road, killing her and severely injuring their young daughter.

From that moment on he began to change. Corporate wheeling and dealing were no longer important. He stopped going to work. In fact, only his sizable savings and investments kept him solvent.

Near despair, his faith in God shattered, this former lawyer is looking for the miracle that will make his daughter whole...


Kristine Powell - Human female Fighter 3
Quote: "Shut up, mother!"
Casting call: Daniela Amavia

"Shut up, Mother!"Kristine Powell is the 4th child and only daughter to Kathy and Karl Powell. Her older brothers are Kyle, Kevin and Keith. All three boys were football heroes in the family’s hometown of Higginbotham, Texas. All three were given football scholarships to different Texas universities and got out of Higginbotham without ever looking back.

Kristine (or Kris, as she prefers) grew up in the shadow of the boys and, as the only girl, was doubly ignored – except at chore time. Kris was average in every way and despaired about ever getting out of Higginbotham.

In high school Kris played both soccer and softball and was good enough to be named to the all state teams in both sports – as an alternate. Good, but not good enough for an athletic scholarship.

Kris was a dedicated student with a solid ‘B’ average. Good, but not good enough for an academic scholarship.

Mom and Dad’s meager salaries could never send her to college. He managed the local feed store, she was a housewife who did some sewing to supplement the household income. So, after high school, Kris kicked around waiting tables and helping mom with some sewing. Unfortunately, not only could she not make enough money to get out of Higginbotham, she couldn’t make enough to get out of her parent’s house.

Kris finally screwed up enough courage to take the bus into Lubbock one day and joined the Army. Just a few days into basic training, Kris discovered something very important – she HATED the Army! She managed to stick it out, though, and finally discovered something that she was very good at. She was a damn good shoot. Kris finished basic training as an average recruit in everything but marksmanship and went on to serve in Bosnia, Germany and England.

While in England, Kris met a Marine, Steve Sanchez, and began a relationship. The relationship became a long distance one when Kris’ tour ended and she opted to return home to finally attend college, while Steve re-opted for another tour of duty.

Vowing to keep in touch and ‘together’ Kris decided upon the University of California, Santa Barbara. “Why?” her mother asked. “Because it’s not Higginbotham, Texas,” was Kris’ answer. Then she decided on a major in International Studies. “Why?” her father wanted to know. “Because there is a world outside of Higginbotham, Texas,” Kris told him.

Kris is in her second year in California and at UCSB. She shares a tiny house with three roomies and waits tables at the Keeper’s Lighthouse Steakhouse. She still plays softball and, when not working, studying, writing letters to Steve, or playing, Kris likes to hang out a used bookstore / coffeehouse called Roslyn’s. Not only does the place have the most comfy old furniture and the best latte’s around, there’s Roslyn herself. She owns the place and waits tables – topless! That fact just tickles Kris to no end; after all, what would her parents say? You'll never see THAT in Higgenbotham, Texas!

Liam - Male Sidhe Guardian 1/ Transmuter 3
Quote: "Some things can only be seen when you've lost everything; and as John Barth has said, 'everyone is necessarily the hero of his own life story'."
Theme Song: The Challenger, Leslie Fish

William Townsend is the eldest of three siblings. He grew up with the nicknames of Bill, Billy, and Willie. He hated them all.

With his sisters Barbara and Lorraine, he excelled at school and it looked like he would have a promising career in the navy. This changed when William's father lost his job. The young man was forced to become head of the household as his father began a downward spiral into the bottle.

William did his best to provide for his family, but it was a struggle. Somehow he managed to keep some money aside for his sisters so that they could go to college. When his father found out, he was livid and tried to beat the money out of him. William fought back and a few days later left home forever, secretly funding his sisters through college.

With no money of his own, William fell into drugs, alcohol and despair, winding up on the streets. It was just prior to February 5th, 2002 when William's life took another strange turn of events. William began to have strange dreams. When he would speak them aloud, people thought that he was just another fruit - a homeless eccentric with delusions of the end of the world. The dreams that he was having were disturbing in the extreme. William saw vast armies of monsters - some beautiful, some hideous - fighting for domination of the blasted earth, and dead cities. Darkness descended on the land and threatened to quell all hope.

When all seemed lost, in his dreams William saw a host of Sidhe emerge from the heavens to defend the world and fight for justice. William saw himself leading them. When that final vision cleared, William found that he was standing over a woman, she was holding a child and it looked like they had been attacked. In front of William were three street goons, wielding chains, broken bottles and knives. William fought them down, much to the relief and gratitude of the woman. Even more startling, William found that he had become the Sidhe that he saw in his vision. His clothes had changed, his beard was gone, his craving for drugs was gone and he felt more alive than he ever had. He was also wielding a wicked-ass sword.

When the woman thanked him and asked him his name, he glanced down at his lapel and saw a clasp in the form of a tree. Without hesitating, he responded 'Liam,' finally finding a new short form of his name that he liked... William's next achievement was shortly after Ka took control of a good portion of the west coast. Although it forced him to call upon his Unseelie side, Liam sought out and freed his sister, Lorraine, from their grasp. Now, he seeks his other sister, Barbara.

Linda Celenza - LG Betazoid female Noble 1/ Psion 2
Quote: "Saving the Earth from the scum of the universe - one ex-boyfriend at a time."
Theme Song: White Knight, Tomorrow Never Dies, & Beautiful Stranger, Madonna

"Don't make me get my flashy-thing.""Linda Celenza" (not her birth name) was the third child of Mark and Anna. She had two brothers, and was their junior by almost ten years. In all things, she was considered almost a treasure to be protected. Her father was always proud of his little princess, and she could do almost no wrong in is eyes. Her brothers were always looking out for her. In short, she led a quiet, peaceful, boring life.

Linda constantly sought out more from life. She was always a joiner in school, excelling anywhere she applied herself. Some of her extra-curricular activities included self-defense, debate, student council and the soccer team. Linda was also one of the most popular girls in school

That popularity came to an end one night when her then current boyfriend and his buddies (along with the tag-along girls) went a little overboard. They had been drinking and partying. After a lot of grandstanding, boasting and whatnot, the guys decided to prove their manhood by forcing themselves on the girls.

Guess how well that went over with Linda.

Guess how the boys felt when she was through with them.

The next day, the four pairs were hauled in to the principal’s office on the grounds that rumors were flying about Linda and her involvement in an alcohol-related car accident the night before. Not really wanting to destroy the futures of four of the star jocks, Linda went along with their story and took a stain to her permanent record and reputation for her trouble.

Unable or unwilling to acknowledge the sacrifice that Linda had made for him, her boyfriend broke off with her and her social status continued to plummet.

Not willing to give up, but unable to regain her standing, Linda focused on her grades and then convinced her parents to let her do the unthinkable: to let her join the Navy and continue her education with government funding. Her grades were great and her psych exams made her an excellent choice. The only mark against her was a drunk driving blemish. Unknown to her, this was overcome by a letter from a certain ex-boyfriend who truly felt sorry for what he and his friend had tried to do.

Not realizing that penance had been performed on her behalf, Linda became a member of the United States Navy, assigned to the Enterprise as an intelligence analyst. Her intention was to return home after her tour of duty and start a new business. That dream, however, came to a crashing halt in 1999, when events in a minor skirmish brought her into an active combat zone. What she saw there would change her career path forever and cause her to make one of the most difficult decisions of her life. Officialy, of course, the incident in question never happened.

A group of fighters left the Enterprise for a routine patrol over Iraq's southern No-Fly Zone. As was frequently the case, Iraqi forces insisted on trying to bring one or two of the fighters down. The pilots avoided the attacks easily and returned fire with several HARM missles, destroying the anti-aircraft emplacement. One of the missiles, however, suddenly veered off-course and impacted on a hillside. At that moment, several more radar emplacements lit the pilots up, and nearly a dozen anti-aircraft missiles roared out of hidden emplacements towards them. Three of the five planes went down.

Search & Rescue crews deployed immediatly. Other air patrols hammered the hidden emplacements into rubble. Linda and several others were dispatched by helicopter to gather any intelligence they could find at the site before Iraqi forces could arrive.

The emplacement had been hidden in the ruins of an ancient necropolis, although the Iraqis didn't know that. The American bombs tore open long-sealed tombs, sending bodies flying and smashing grave goods. One of those items was a small brass flask with intricate inscriptions on it, and within the flask was a very angry ifrit, imprisoned there by King Solomon himself while the First Temple was being built. The ifrit killed the Iraqi survivors and consumed their flesh with its fire. When the Americans arrived, it attacked them as well.

Automatic weapons were of little use, and sidearms did less. Almost all of the squad was down, the rest were running out of ammunition, and the thing just kept coming. Linda's last magazine hit empty, so she dropped the assault rifle and was drawing her sidearm when the creature just blew apart. She and the other two survivors saw a helicopter appear from out of nowhere and hover, silently, as several people with big guns and heavy body armor lept to the ground and made sure the ifrit was well and truely dead. The helicopter landed, and several more people in suits got out. They came over to Linda and the other survivors.

"You're all safe now," one of the men said. "I am Agent Marquez. One of our precognatives foresaw this incident, but we were delayed getting here. I apologize, for all that means. You will be returning to your normal lives, and you will forget all about this incident." He was preparing to dose them with a compound that would cause short-term amnesia, when one of the other suits pointed to Linda. "Not this one. Psi-potential, latent telepath. Giver her the option."

Agent Marquez asked Linda, "Would you like to join us? There is no retirement. Training is five years of Hell, with a 40% mortality rate. You have no days off. No family, no friends. Chances are 70% you will die on duty in the first year out of training. Think carefully; this is a one-time offer."

Linda thought. "Who are you people?"

Marquez smiled. "We are shadow. We are myth. We are "they". We move outside the system. We are humanity's last, best, and only line of defense aginst the cold horror of reality. We fear no evil, for we are the biggest, baddest, best-trained, best equipped, and best-looking bad-asses in the valley. We are the Men in Black."

Linda looked at the pieces of dead ifrit and said, "Are there more things like that out there?" Marquez nodded.

"Yeah, but most of the other things we run into will actually put up a fight. This guy was a wuss."

Linda took a moment, thinking about her family, then said, "Where do I sign?"

Officially it was a training accident. Privately, the families were told that the details were a matter of national security, but that thier loved ones had, in fact, been killed in action, and died as heroes. On November 17, 1999, Mark and Anna recieved the flag that had draped their daughter's empty coffin. They held each other tightly as the salute sounded, echoing over the expanse of Arlington National Cemetery.

Daddy's little princess was gone.

Markas - Halfling male Mage 6 (Deceased)
Theme Song:

Ohh, sparkly!At the age of three Markas became an orphan. He was in his crib on night when his father decided that this was not the life he wanted for his son. So he tried to kill Markas. However, he forgot one very important fact: mothers do not take kindly to someone trying to kill their sons, even if it is their own father. Markas’s mother killed his father and then turned the gun on herself, thinking that Markas would live a better life with two parents than with one (who was probably going to jail anyway). Orphaned, Markas grew up in foster homes. Throughout his life, he ran away from each of them, searching for something that he could not name.

Markas finally found a foster home where he felt happy, at least for a little while. His foster parents seemed to care for him a lot. They put him into a special school and also put him into classes for jujitsu, hoping this would give him some discipline. However, it gave more to Markas then they had anticipated. It gave Markas a way to protect himself from the bullies that always picked on the little guy - Markas is only five feet two inches and weighs 98 pounds. After two years of living with his new foster parents Markas got the itch again. Two weeks after his seventeenth birthday he decided to run away. This time he was in a good neighborhood for running away (not like the time he ran when he was in Oakland).

In the last few years, Markas has taken to exploring how some people can move buses and do other extraordinary things when they are in a bad situation. He believes that maybe everyone has a little bit of power inside him or her self. Thus, his quest at the moment is to figure a way to harness this power. Who knows how this might make up for his short stature?

Morgan Lashae (Deceased)
Quote: "Don't hate me because I bite, hate because I like it"
Theme Song: American Badass by Kid Rock or Living Dead Girl by Rob Zombie

I love the night life...Morgan was a street kid with a passion for gardening before the beauty of her roses, even at night, attracted a beauty-minded vampire to her. After recovering from the rather traumatic discovery of the whole other, night-time world she had known nothing about before, she ingratiated herself rather well with the Los Angeles Prince, eventually becoming his "gopher" (for lack of a better word).

She proved herself to him, and is now the person he turns to when he needs something looked into discreetly. It seems that after taking care of a few rogue vampires, one is "rewarded" with certain things...

Unfortunatly, the Prince's enemies are your enemies, and when he falls he does not do so alone. The new Prince also has a passion for roses, especially the dark crimson ones nourished on the ashes of the old Prince and his court.


Ringo Samwise Halfling male Thief 1
Theme Song:

Rob - Dwarven male Cleric 1 (Moradin)
Theme Song:

Syrinx - Female satyr Cleric (Aphrodite and Dionysus)
Quote:"A life without love, is no life at all"- Drew Barrymore, Ever After: A Cinderella Story
Theme Song: Bitch, Meredith Brooks

Party animal!!!