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Recent History

Dec 14, 2001: Fidel Castro dies, leaving his brother Raoul to lead in his place. Raoul immediately begins rallying the populace behind him, cementing his control.

2002: Raoul Castro begins building a military force, sensing weakness in the Oval Office. Meanwhile, the shores of southern Florida are bombarded with refugees, and rumors circulate that Raoul is cleaning house by exiling dissidents and supplying them with food, water, and transportation to US waters.

2003: Castro seizes control of a few sparsely populated islands, expanding his borders a bit. President Bush issues a warning, but does little else.

2004: Using the islands he annexed last year as staging grounds, Castro takes over Haiti and the Dominican Republic, as well as several other small island nations. Bush wavers on whether or not to declare war on Cuba, until the elections in November render it a moot point.

2005: President Ventura, as one of his first Executive orders, increases the manpower at several Gulf Coast military installations. He also balks at declaring war on a country located a mere 90 miles off the coast and which possesses nuclear weapons, but issues a statement that further hostilities will NOT be tolerated.