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The Characters

Corwin Zelazny Smith
Theme Song:

Cory stands just over 6 feet and is in excellent shape. This former college defensive end hates violence, except when done to quarterbacks or other ball carriers on the football field. He wears his hair short, hating the feel of long hair under a football helmet.

Cory graduated mid-year from college, played his last college football game January 1 when KSU beat FSU in the Orange Bowl. Cory grew up in Kansas and played for KSU, where he focused on his studies and his work (football). A knee injury in his sophomore year allowed him to get a hardship year from the NCAA.

At his parents urging, Cory focused on coursework that year, taking extra classes during the January intersession and over the summer. It nearly killed him, but he was able to graduate in 4 1/2 years instead of 5, 6, or never, like some of his team mates. Coach Snyder drove him hard but Cory liked that. He knew he didn't have the self discipline or the fire to drive himself hard.

Being on his own now is more than a little intimidating. He's not about to admit that to anyone, especially his parents; they raised him to be independent. Cory suspects his Dad would be very disappointed if he knew the fears in his son's mind.

Cory decided to make the months before the NFL scouting combine an adventure. A friend from Florida (a recruit from the Sunshine state) helped him find a job with the maintenance crew of a golf course. The work wasn't hard and left him plenty of time to work out in preparation for the NFL combine.

Franklin Masters - male lizardman monk
Quote: When body and soul are one then perfection is found.
Theme Song: Ramble On, Led Zeppelin

Incoming!!!Franklin was a burned out office manger who, at the age of 30, quit his job at GM and moved to Florida to try life as an alligator rancher.

In an effort to learn control of his temper (which had cost him both his marriage and his health), Franklin started studying kendo, aikido and yoga. He believed the discipline and focus on calm reason would allow him to master his anger.

Franklin spent mornings at the dojo and the rest of the day with his gators. The calm, untroubled life his gators lived always gave rise to thoughts of envy from Franklin. He admired them, wishing his own life was so simple.

Like so many others, Franklin was completely unprepared for the Change. When things started getting strange he let his anger get the best of him. In a fit of denial, he passed out at the dojo and woke to find himself Changed as well.

Now a Lizardfolk monk, he is seeking perfect peace through understanding of his new self-awareness.

Lorelei Quinn
Theme Song:

Lorelei works as a certified EMT and performs Reiki massage on the side. She is very into new age Pagan religions and meditation, alternative medicine and herbalism. She has recently taken up learning to make bamboo furniture in her spare time...tables, chairs, bookcase, windchimes, and so forth.

She is not exactly a people person, and tries to avoid being around large groups of people. Saving the general public from bleeding to death from a gunshot wound is something she can deal with since she can shut her patients up with a oxygen mask.

For the most part, she feels that most people have lost sight of the truth in nature and the nature mother's goodness.




Louise Chopinhauer -
Theme Song: Life's Been Good to Me So Far, Joe Walsh

Louise came to Florida to take her girlfriend Thelma to meet her parents for the first time. Thanks to Louise's 'investment' skills, her parents have enjoyed a very comfortable retirement. They don't really want to know how Louise managed to multiply their money 100 fold, but it has made them more accepting of whomever she wanted to bring home.

Louise thought the gaming/science fiction convention sounded like fun. Due to her fractional-cent harvesting program, she had amassed a hefty little nest egg, perfect for spending on trinkets.

Just before leaving for Florida, she used her usual backdoor to get into the Boulder, Colorado police department computer system and clear up Thelma's latest set of traffic and public nuisance tickets. She hates to leave unfinished business.








Morgaine Raven
Theme Song:

Raised by her single mother, Claire, Morgaine Raven has led a confusing yet interesting life.

She never knew her father; he got her mother pregnant and vanished immediatly afterwards.

To escape life in the trailer park she grew up in, she joined the military at 18 and tried out for Special Forces as soon as she could. Her assignments were always in search and rescue missions, with a bit of reconnaissance thrown in.

While in the military, she wandered into a Pagan gathering on-base and decided to learn more about what she saw. She now follows Morrigan, The Lady of Battles.




Theme Song:

Paula was born blind. Her parents tried all sorts of treatments to give her sight, but the doctors could do nothing to help. Finally accepting that their daughter was blind, they did everything except coddle her. She was given the best education and they practically let her do what ever she wanted.

At the young age of 13 Paula ran into a group of D&D nerds. They got Paula her own set of book in braille and started playing games. One of the systems that they played was Rifts. Paula loved playing this game because there was a group of Blind Warrior Women that everyone was afraid of as well as respected. After playing these games she decided that from then on she was never going to let her missing sight make her feel helpless.

She started studying Aikido as well as taking gymnastics, which she excelled at. Later, she began expanding her martial arts studies, eventually developing a powerful, eclectic style all her own.

When Paula was a senior in High School she was All State for the gymnastics team. This caught the attention of a number of schools and lead to several offers of athletic scholarships. One of the offers was from Florida Metropolitan University. Having been really into the Rifts game, she had always had a feeling that Atlantis was real and Florida was as close to this mythical place as any.

She took the full scholarship to Florida Metropolitan University, and has been attending school for the past two years. She still keeps up on her martial arts practice and games as her schedule permits.

Lt. Raymond Blackwolf
Theme Song: Welcome to the Jungle, Guns & Roses

Raymond graduated with honors from Cutbank High School and was given an appointment to West Point by Denny Rehberg, the lone congressman from Montana. He grew up on the family ranch and spent a lot of time with his grandmother and grandfather. They taught him the old ways of the Blackfeet as a boy and into his youth. When he left for West Point they held a dance to honor him for going to be a warrior.

He was leading a team on a top-secret mission in the Everglades when the balloon went up. His team members were injured or killed when their chopper went down in the Everglades. As the survivors were recovering from the accident, huge gators attacked the group.

Raymond changed on that night and blacked out during the attack but awoke to find himself alone in the Glades. His team members were all dead.

He is presently attempting to report in and call his family to check on them.

Thelma Moriarity - Female human Strong Hero
Quote: "The mind is its own place, and in itself can make a Heaven of Hell, a Hell of Heaven." - John Milton
Theme Song: We're Not Going To Take It, Twisted Sister