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The Age of Aquaria

Border Patrol

People die.

Nations fall.

The Wheel of Life turns.

The time of the Old Ways has come again. The Old Gods grow in power once more, and their praises are sung again in field and grove. Technology yields to magic, and the Modern World's mark upon the land fades and vanishes.

Priest and doctor yield to godi and druid, and the song of the bard is heard again in the mead-hall.

It is the Age of Aquaria.

The survivors of the Modern World's fall are drawn together to create a new home for themselves and thier children. A home born of a Dream. A Dream that calls to them, in the secret places of their hearts.

Some are called to build, some to nurture, and some to teach. Some are called to lead, and some to follow.

Some are called to defend the Dream, with blade and bullet and spell.

And some are called to die...