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Major NPCs

a'Drianna - Vulcan female
Casting Call: Salma Hayek
Theme Song:


Johanne Legault - LE Twilek Female Dark Jedi
Theme Song: Stand Alone, Godsmack
Quote: “You're always hiding behind your so called goddess. So, what, you don't think that we can see your face?” - Stand Alone, Godsmack
Casting Call: Natasha Henstridge

Johanne on the huntJohanne Legault was the younger of two sisters by fifteen minutes. The twins were inseparable until high school when choices of friends led them down very different paths. Annette became the popular one while Johanne hung out with Goths and other fringe groups.

Despite this, Johanne had a strong academic ability that impressed her teachers and rivaled her sister. She took great pains to hide this ability, appearing to be ‘just another punk kid.’ Her parents’ divorce was the final division between the two sisters, and Johanne was glad to see her sister leave.

Finally, she could be her own person instead of a shadow of her sister (Interestingly, it is Annette who chooses not to use her birth name in this new world, whereas Johanne continues with hers…). She chose to remain in Montreal and live with her father, benefiting from being the now only daughter of a wealthy businessman.

With the coming of the Change, Johanne’s skin took on the same green tone as her sister’s. However, whereas Annette’s hedonistic ways saw her become an Orion, Johanne’s habits of working and excelling in the background wrought a different change. She became a Twilek.

As Johanne went through her Change, her father became one of the nameless masses to disappear as the snows started to accumulate in earnest. Determined to find him, she set off from their home in T.M.R. The snow and the cold were eventually too much for her and she soon succumbed to them, expecting to die.

Instead, she was found by a Drow scouting party. Intrigued by the young woman’s head-tails and shapely body, they brought her to their mistress, Shi’nayne Calimar. Struck by the resemblance between this girl and Xalraun’s favored pet, the Drow Matriarch began to train the girl as a gladiator with the hopes that she might serve as a bodyguard one day. She was even more amused when the girl showed signs of Force sensitivity.

Since then, Johanne has studied long and hard on the ways of the Force. Unlike her sister, however, the young Twilek has studied the darker aspects of that power and is in line to become the next Sith Lord should Angelique’s quest to save (or kill) Alexander Duguael succeed…

Xalraun - NE Half Frost Giant Male
Theme Song: Enter Sandman, Metallica
Quote: “My word is law.”
Casting Call: Dwight Schultz

The big guy himselfThe man who would be King of Montreal was not always the powerhouse we see today. Before the Change came, he was just an average guy in an average job. In fact, calling him average would be a compliment.

He was on the bottom end of a low end, no future job. And although he had delusions of grandeur, it was obvious he would never amount to anything. He would often daydream about being a jock and in control. He wished and dreamed that he could be noticed by the pretty girls. He wished he could control them, make them do as he said, be ‘the man.’ It’s doubtful if he actually meant any harm to anyone, in fact it’s doubtful he had the imagination to envision harming anyone. All he cared about was being in control, to make people notice him, to make people listen to him. He was a mousy worm of a guy. He was never anything more - until the Change came.

As the Change swept through Montreal, he felt the power to realize his dreams come true. Massive, strong, powerful… life was about to change for him. He gathered a group of like minded individuals and set to find himself a throne. That throne came in the shape of Complexe Les Ailes (the old Eaton’s Building to some).

His position secure, he set about creating an alliance to hold the city and control it’s resources. The Underground City rapidly came under his rule and he branched out to the surface where ever he could. There’s just this little band of annoying rebels…

One of Xalraun’s first edicts was the creation of new names for every member of his Kingdom. The old ways were to be forgotten. This was a new era, and a new life for every one of his subjects. The truth behind this edict is that there is a frightened little weasel behind this façade of power and he intends that no one know the truth.

Recent events in Montreal have scene the arrival of a contingent of determined businessman and their entourage arrive. Xalraun is both interested and concerned about this latest development… He has opened negotiations and relations with them, and his aide Johanne can sometimes be seen observing their progress and working with them to see that their schedules are met. His true motives are as yet unknown.