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House Rules
Last Update: February 3, 2002

Character Creation

Using the main character creation rules, as modified by Sodorfo, the character is permitted bonus abilities. The following modifications or 'addendum' apply:

- The character may also use his points to buy feats. Feats cost four points each.
- Advanced Education and other backgrounds as determined by the DM grant a competence bonus to certain skills. These should be marked either as miscellaneous or in a separate column. This bonus is equal to the amount of points spent on the background.
- Feats, skills and abilities purchased with the "Life Background Pool" may not be used as part of the prerequisites for Prestige Classes. BaB is the exception to this rule. If the player uses his background to earn a class, the class counts toward a PrC as normal.


Characters are encouraged to use ordinary 20th century names for their characters. Certain regions and events may cause them to adopt names more suited to their 'Changed origins' but until them, they should use their real names. Montreal is one such region. Very few people use their pre-Change names.

Casting Call

Players are encouraged to envision who would play the part of their character were there to be a movie based on the stories of their characters. Voice, mannerism and appearance should influence this choice.


Regardless of which actual game system is used to generate the PCs, all characters must still choose an alignment under D&D rules.

Class Notes

Defense: D&D characters do not gain class bonuses to defense. Note however that there are penalties for using armor to characters with Defense Class Bonuses

Reputation: As noted under Other D20 Systems, Reputation is not normally used. However, for characters wishing to keep track of that score, classes should be compared and Reputation and assigned logically. For instance, Fighters and Soldiers for instance are a good comparison.

Clerics: Beginning at 5th level, Clerics gain bonus feats as a wizard of equal level.

Sorcerer: Sorcerers likewise gain bonus feats as a wizard. However, at first level, their bonus feat is Force Sensitive. Further, they can only select metamagic feats. Item Creation feats must be purchased as level based feats.

Other D20 System games


All Star Wars classes are acceptable. Reputation is not generally used, although the character may keep track if she wishes. Followers are determined using the Leadership feat.

Certain classes may require the player to justify his decision. Players are encouraged to use classes as templates for their character concepts rather than definitions of abilities and statistics.

Lightsabers and blasters have not yet made it into widespread us. Plans and schematics for their discovery and creation are the domain of the DM. Therefore, the following modifications apply to all Star Wars classes and feats;

Defense: Multiclassing rules for Defense Bonuses are ignored.

Weapon Group Proficiency - Blasters: Applies to handguns

Weapon Group Proficiency - Blaster Rifles: Applies to rifles and assault weapons but not to heavy ordinance such as tanks and the like.

Exotic Weapon Proficiency - Lightsaber: Unless the DM permits the character a lightsaber and the opportunity to learn how to use it, the character may opt for the following rule. The Jedi character may choose any one-handed bladed weapon to use fill the slot. However, since the character is likely proficient in the weapon already (and swords are not exotic weapons…) the player may substitute Weapon Finesse or another suitable feat at the DM's discretion.
A Force Adept's Force Weapon is unaffected.

Class Notes

Soldier: A character that takes the soldier class must have a military background.
Force Points: All characters can opt to use Force Points as outlined in the Star Wars RPG. However, accepting to use Force Points opens the character to the Dark Side like any other character. The decision to use Force Points (or have a pool of them) must be made during character creation. Sorcerers are considered to be Force Sensitive. The exception to this rule is users of the One Power (see the Wheel of Time). Channelers may never be Force Sensitive.

CORRUPTED JEDI: As stated on page 31 of the Dark Side Sourcebook, a Jedi may trade in levels of his Jedi class when he takes on levels of a Sith Prestige Class on a one for one basis. At the DMs discretion, this may also apply to any Force User taking on a Dark Side Prestige Class. The following House Rules apply to the game mechanics of the trade in:

- As stated in the rulebook, the character may only trade levels to obtain levels in a single PrC. Mixing and matching is not permitted.
- The character cannot trade in so many levels that his pre-PrC class abilities no longer 'qualify' for the PrC that he is entering.
- A character must be able to maintain all skills and feats that he currently possesses. The character is permitted to 'shuffle' the order in which feats were obtained provided all prerequisites are maintained and a sense of logic prevails.
- A character cannot take on a PrC that results in fewer skill points per level, for reasons noted above. The character can, for instance, go from Jedi Guardian to Sith Warrior as both classes have the same skill points per level. However, a Jedi Consular cannot become a Sith Warrior because this would result in fewer skill points per level.

The Force and other Magics

As with all practitioners of magic, Force Users often believe that their interpretation is the true interpretation of how magic works. For purposes of these rules, the origins of magic are irrelevant. However, any Jedi wishing to multi-class with another magic using class (including Psionic classes) must adhere to certain guidelines.

- A Jedi will rarely multi-class with Cleric or Paladin. Those who do use the Force as their 'patron deity.' Clerics may choose two Domains, often Knowledge and Law for lightsiders and Destruction and Evil for darksiders. The character may choose other Domains as appropriate to their character concept. These can be changed if the character turns to the Dark Side (and vice versa).
- All spells that affect certain types of creatures affect Force Users as well. Lightsiders, regardless of actual alignment, are affected by spells that affect good and lawful creatures. Darksiders are affected by evil and law or chaos spells as appropriate. The character is also affected by normally by spells that target his actual alignment.
- Any character possessing spellcasting levels is subject to Dark Side points for their use, if appropriate. In general, Abjuration and Divination tend towards the Light Side and Evocation and Necromancy toward the Dark Side. The DM has final say if a given spell has Dark Side consequences.
- As noted above, all Sorcerers gain the bonus feat 'Force Sensitive' at first level. Be it Dragon blood or midichlorians, a sorcerer is in tune with the Force. Those that learn to harness spells and the Force are formidable indeed. The Character must purchase the feats of Alter, Control, and Sense as level based feats.
- A Lightsider Jedi who multiclasses with wizard faces a painful career. Any spell he memorizes that can earn him a Dark Side point will automatically do so. It may also do so when the spell is actually cast. A Fireball is a prime example. A Wizard memorizing a fireball spell intends to do harm to something. Regardless of how he employs the spell he earns a DSP for memorizing it. Casting it into an advancing army will also earn him a darkside point.
- Specific Powers: a Jedi is a formidable opponent. He is even more formidable versus mind influencing powers. A Jedi with the skill Force Defense may use it to respond to any mental attack, regardless of origin. This ability functions exactly as a Psionic Defense Mode does. In addition, non-psionicist Jedi also benefit from the 'Non-Psionic Buffer.'



The One Power should be unique. Other magic (read; Arcane, divine, Force and Psionic) should be kept separate. Multiclass sorcerer/ wilder (and all other variants) are not permitted.

Notes: Karista is an exception to the above rule. After obtaining the Wheel of Time, we determined that Wilder fit more than Athar. Therefore, the following readjustment was done. Ghost Owl found Karista between the last session and the level-upped finale. She used Restore Power to grant Karista levels as a Wilder. This essentially rendered her a 3rd level cleric (no powers/ spells) and 10th level Wilder with all benefits. Feats were not a problem as Karista had no item creation or metamagic feats.