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Akmal Fatik – CN Zabrak Male Scoundrel 2
Theme Song: Another One Bites the Dust, Queen
Casting Call:


Angelique - Orion female Jedi Counselor
Casting Call: Natasha Henstridge
Theme Song: Alone in the Dark, John Hiatt

Annette Legault grew up the elder of two sisters. Together with her best friend, Karen Joliette, Annette was among the popular in school. She was an honors student and a cheerleader. Eventually, she focused her attention on her dreams of being a doctor.

However, her parents’ divorce was a costly affair. It split the two sisters as well as the parents and in the end, Angelique struck out on her own. One thing that she refused to give up was her dream of being a doctor. In order to pay for her schooling and living on her own, Annette worked various odd jobs. However, the bills were always greater than her paycheck. Finally, answering an ad in a local paper, she started working as a bartender in a strip club, eventually becoming a dancer herself.

When the Change hit, her hedonism and extroverted personality caught up with her and she became an Orion Slave Girl. Combined with her medical training, Annette Legault, or Angelique as her she was called on stage, was suddenly a very precious commodity. It was not long before she became the target of a few of the warring factions of the city, and eventually was captured and made to be the pleasure slave of Xalraun’s court.

A daring rescue by a’Drianna and Seyil ended her dancing days and sparked her connection to the Force. Since then, Angelique has studied long and hard on the ways of the Force. Her promise to herself and to Karen is to save their longtime friend, Alexander, from the hold that the Dark Side currently has on him.

B'Heddar - Klingon male Soldier (Deceased)
Casting Call: Michael Clark Duncan
Theme Song: After the Flesh, My Life With Thrill Kill Kult

The Klingon known as B’Heddar earned his name in the court of Xalraun while working as a guard. As per the decree of the Beholder Lord, all Changed were to take new names reflecting the New World and their place in it.

This particular Klingon refused.

However, he had the pleasure of a particularly feisty and courageous Drow Beta, who perhaps feared his mistress’ wrath more than the Klingons. Whatever the case, B’Heddar ‘snapped’ and drew his betleH as the Drow’s supervisor entered the room. The Beta’s head and clipboard landed at her feet. She looked down, then up at the Klingon.

Without missing a beat, the supervisor picked up the board and wrote ‘Beheader.’ The name stuck.

B'Heddar died in dishonor, attempting to convince one of Xalraun's bounty hunters to spare him and take Angelique in his place. The bounty hunter refused, and the Fek'ler claimed another soul.

Calamity - CG Human female Wheelman/Fixer 2/1
Casting Call: Michelle Rodriguez
Theme Song: Bring it Down, Leslie Fish

Calamity is a highly trained operative of the Canadian Government.

No, really! She is!









Hideyoshi Miyamoto - Kiffar male Jedi Guardian 4(Deceased)
Casting Call: Daniel Day Lewis
Theme Song: Voodoo Chile

Stationed in Ottawa when the Change began, Hideyoshi Miyamoto was attached to a branch of the army charged with studying the information available about the so-called Essex Babies and to produce a counter-agent if possible.
His task was fieldwork and training new operatives in martial combat. As a result, his exposure to the actual project was limited.

However, this did not stop a group of Deep Cover operatives from approaching him and recruiting him into their ranks. Together with this unit, Hideyoshi became a Jedi. He was dispatched with a team to make contact with Jedi in Montreal and secure the city from Xalraun and his minions.

Hideyoshi was the only one to reach the city.

Sadly, Hideyoshi died as his identity was absorbed into the artificial intelligence Xalraun tried to create inside the Hydro Quebec building. When the pod containing his body was opened, his body vanished as it returned to the Force.

Laura Belanger - Human female Psion/Nomad
Casting Call: Estella Warren
Theme Song: You'll Be A Woman Soon, Urge Overkill


Sister Loretta Marie – LG Female Bifrost Elf Cleric (Catholic) 5
Theme Song:
Casting Call: Holly Marie Combs

Kelly McMurphy was born and raised in Edmonton Alberta, the youngest of five children. The oldest was Kathleen (nearly nine), Matt (five), Nick (three) and then Sean (two). Kelly had an absolutely normal childhood, but being closer in age to her three brothers, ended up as quite the tomboy. With her brothers and the other boys in the neighborhood she played baseball all summer and hockey as soon as the ponds froze over.

Probably the biggest trauma of her childhood was one summer when the three boys were sent off to a hockey summer camp - and Kelly was left behind! In an attempt to 'make it up to her' Kelly's parents sent her to an Equestrian camp with her horse-crazy sister Kathleen.

Kelly was determined to hate it but couldn't quite do it. Not only did she develop a true love for horses and riding, she finally bonded with her older sister. She still spent the winters on the ponds with the boys, but summer was for horseback riding.

The McMurphy family were so-so Catholics, attending mass almost weekly. Kelly's parents were always amazed that their restless younger daughter was always so interested in and attentive during mass, but welcomed the respite from the weekly battles of getting the other four to their catechism classes. And when time came for Kelly's Confirmation, she chose the name Joan to honor St. Joan d'Arc.

During her high school years, the tomboy Kelly gradually faded and due to a dare with some friends, Kelly found herself on the school gymnastics team. She joined her parish's Future Leaders group and while attending World Youth Day 2000 in Rome, Kelly felt the calling. She kept her decision a secret until her high school graduation party when she announced that she was going to join the sisterhood.

Her friends and family couldn't believe it! The spoiled baby of the family? A nun? The boys actually started a pool on how long she would last. Ignoring their jibes, Kelly joined a Dominican teaching order and somehow managed to make it through the postulate training. After that, the novitiate was much easier and after taking her final vows, Sister Loretta Marie was sent off to college to get her teaching degree.

Four years later, with a diploma from the University of Alberta, Sister Loretta Marie was sent to teach at Villa Maria in Montreal. She was happily teaching basic biology and chemistry (her own favorite from her high school days) to kids who called her Sister Lori when the snow began.

After the worst of the storms, Sister Loretta was thought lost. However, the Change blessed her inasmuch as she was given the form of the Bifrost Elves.

She was trapped with a number of students in the Villa Maria High School complex. Sister Lori survived, due in no small part to her new metabolism. Many of her charges did not.

Sister Lori was eventually rescued by a scouting party from the McGill Refuge. She resumed her teaching duties, instructing the children of the McGill refugees in subjects more appropriate to the glacial world outside the university walls.

Max - Klingon female Cleric 6 (Khaless)
Casting Call: Mary Kay Adams
Theme Song: Put Your Lights On, Santanna with Everlast

Max (She will not admit to this being short for anything, and defiantly doesn't answer to her pre-Change name. Bernadette Sinclair doesn't exist anymore.) was a social worker in Seattle, WA before the Change. She was visiting friends, Yves and Sylvie Lemaire, on their working dairy farm in Quebec.

She was suffering from a severe case of burnout and was there on sabbatical through the summer and fall of 2004. She was there when the snows came - and never stopped coming. It became impossible to return home, but Bernadette gradually fit herself into the rhythm of life on a dairy farm.

On February 20, 2005, Max woke up alone. The cows had all disappeared, the Lemaires were gone, and the household cat had also vanished. Only the dog, Gaston, remained. Bernadette tried to make sense of it all, finally noticed that she had changed somewhat. She had no time to get adjusted to her new self before someone started pounding on the front door..

A unit of Separatist forces stormed the farm, demanding supplies and shelter. In that instant, Gaston decided that no-one would hurt his owner's friend and leapt at the men. Moving to fight off the attackers herself, Bernadette discovered that she was a more proficient fighter than she had ever thought. A betleH appeared in her hands, and together the dog and the Klingon made short work of the invaders.

After the battle, she looked at herself in the mirror. She'd just taken human lives and reveled in the battle. What kind of person had she become? The image that stared back at her was blood streaked but somehow familiar. A Klingon warrior, glowing from battle, gazed back a challenge at her. She had Changed. Bernadette was gone, leaving Max in her place. She looked at Gaston, mouth still bloody from combat, and decided that name would never do. "If I am Klingon now, then you must be targh. Come Targh, tonight we celebrate! Tomorrow then, tomorrow, we face the world."

They have been together ever since.

Targh - Australian Cattle Dog male Barbarian
Casting Call: Voice by Clint Eastwood
Theme Song: The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly, Ennio Morricone

Before the Change, Targh was the family dog on a dairy farm outside the city of Montreal. The family called him Gaston (the French equivalent of 'Buddy' or 'Bubba'), and he was a happy dog. He spent his days racing around, keeping the cows in line, putting the cat in her place, running off drunk teens intent on a wild night of cow tipping, and keeping the occasional moose out of the cow's forage. His Alphas (the Lemaires) gave him a warm bed, plenty of kibble, and a place in the Pack. Life was good.

Cattle dogs are very intelligent by nature, but the morning of February 20th, 2005, Gaston woke up to an epiphany. He was. Dogs have some sense of Self - an awareness of their own existence - but Gaston woke with an awareness of the fact that he was aware. Want, instinct, and conditioned response had been replaced with intellect, memory, and deductive reasoning. The world was not longer eternally Now; he knew the past and, for the first time in his life, understood that there was such a thing as the future - the Now that Will Be. This awareness was followed by his first thought as a rational being:

I am unique, and therefor I am alone.

Where the Hell am I going to find a mate that I'll have anything in common with?

While he was pondering this, the farm was attacked by raiders. Gaston found the justification for his existence during the battle.

I kill, therefor I am.

It made him happy.

Max became his new Alpha, and he accepted the name she gave him, Targh. Life was harder, and the kibble scarce, but Targh didn't mind. He was still in a Pack, he was dating lots of lady dogs, and he got to meet lots of interesting people and then kill them.

Life am good.

Tazeko – LG Male Human Jedi Guardian 4
Theme Song: Japanese Zen Flute - Various
Casting Call: Toshiro Mifune