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Like the United States, Canada did not escape the ravages of the Change. Reports from Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto and Edmonton indicated massive metamorphoses and violent outbreaks. It is rumoured that smaller cities survived with less of an impact.

No one has been able to explain it, but just before the Change began to affect the citizens of the United States, a new Ice Age began to slowly descend over Canada.

In December of 2004, a vanguard of snow squalls and ice storms swept through most of the country. They knocked out power lines and crippled vast areas of major cities – the effects were easily tripled and quadrupled in intensity versus the Ice Storm of 1998.

At first, people laughed again at the Mayor of Toronto when he called in the Army to help clean the streets of snow – but their laughter was short lived as the Change hit the citizens. The Army was mobilized and redirected to contain the fear and destruction these new beings were creating. Other cities appealed to the Federal Government for aid in the form of military presence. Some were forced to “settle” for their local police forces and the RCMP.

All the while, people were cold, power outages were rampant and fear was mounting.

However, the truly frightening changes occurred in the wilderness. To make matters worse, large groups of people Changed and migrated into a once more unexplored and uncharted frontier, becoming new Tribes in the process…

But not all the people were afraid of what had happened. As in the United States, dark and mysterious groups began to execute plans years and even centuries in the making.

Magic and faith began to replace what science and reason could not...