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"Dis be Herb, and Ja give it to you to be food and healing to you, mon."

Herb is ganja, specially enchanted by a Rastfarian cleric to provide sustenence and heal wounds. Regular marijuana has no magical effect (beyond it's intoxicating properties); only when blessed and consecrated properly does it gain power and become Herb. Only Rastafarian clerics can create Herb.

Smoking one bowl (1/10th of an ounce) of Herb takes 10 minutes and has the following effects:

One maximum-strength cure light wounds at 12th-level
Neutralize poison
Cure disease

Eating one ounce of Herb will sustain a medium-sized humanoid for one day with no other food.

Olivia's Bike

Wheels? We don't need no stinkin' wheels!Olivia picked up her motorcycle outside of Las Vegas, along with a self-cleaning, self-repairing leather jacket from the Bordertown chapter of the Dead Warlocks M.C. The previous owner didn't need them anymore.

The bike has no wheels, and is held up by magic alone. It needs a surface to run over since it doesn't truly fly, but that surface need not be solid. Other than riding on water, it has the same limits as a normal motorcycle with regards to speed, maximum climbing angle, and so forth. It is normally silent, but there is a command to magically create the normal sound of a Harley engine if the rider so desires.

If the kickstand is put down and the key removed, the bike considers itself 'off', though it continues to float in the air. Anyone trying to steal it finds that it refuses to move (STR check DC 25 to lift and carry it off).

Riders are reminded to wear a helmet at all times and to avoid non-magical areas.