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Armored Duster
DC +5

Female Crow in armored duster and ballistic armorThe armored duster is a full-length leather trenchcoat with antiballistic cloth lining and Kevlar plates reinforcing vital areas. They are very well balanced, and afford at least some protection to the whole body (except for the head).

Aside from being very stylish, they also have one other unique quality: they add +5 to your DC when worn, even if you are wearing other types of armor. The duster is supplemental armor, and functions on the same principle as reactive armor or Zimmeret on a tank: it disperses the initial force of an incoming attack just enough to keep it from penetrating the primary armor.

And it looks really cool.

Ballistic Armor

A standard police-issue bulletproof vest. See above for illustration.
Combat Armor
DC 20
Jazz in Combat ArmorMilitary-grade "Land Warrior" suit with head, limb and groin protection. Biophysical information is monitored by integrated sensors and relayed to a central monitoring unit. This information is coupled with GPS/GIS telemetry to allow realtime monitoring of the entire battlespace, including the health and location of each member of the squad. Automatic systems detect injury and respond by limiting blood loss and injecting medications as needed. POV sharing allows squad members to stream video to each other from helmet cameras. Nightvision equipment is standard.
Elven Chain








Riot Armor



Olivia's elven chain
SWAT Armor