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Some feats listed are taken from the 'Star Wars' d20 RPG, and are indicated by (SW) next to the feat name. These feats are not detailed for copyright reasons.


You can alter the coloring of your skin to blend in to natural surroundings.
Benefit: +3 on Hide when in the outdoors.
Racial Feat: Sylvan Elves. Not available to other races.


Frightful Presence [Special]


Racial Feat: Drow Elves. Not available to other races.

Heroic Surge (SW)
Potent Crafting
[Item Creation]

When you make a magic item, it packs extra punch, and easily penetrates your opponent's defenses.
Benefit: An item crafted with this feat adds +2 to the Saving Throw DC of any offensive spells or spell-like abilities the item possesses. This feat does not affect weapons or armor themselves, but can be used on offensive magical abilities the items can produce. Adds + 25% to item component cost.

Prerequisite: Any item crafting feat


You know how to use Zaphod (or another O'Brian-Praeger-Jacobs Heisenbergian Wavestate Particle Accumulator) to create physical objects or spell effects by force of will.
Benefit: Cast any spell desired while in contact with the device.
Spell DC = level of desired spell +20, add user's spellcaster or psion level and WIS modifier to d20 roll. Users may store spell levels to use later. Amount stored is spellcaster level times INT bonus in spell levels.

Prerequisite: Spellcasters or psions only. Must have qualified instructor and working particle accumulator available as well as DM permission to take this feat.


This feat is identical to the Barbarian Rage ability. Klingon fighters may take this as a bonus feat at 1st level.

Racial Feat: Klingon. Not available to other races



You are used to making attacks from a great distance.
Benefit: Range penalties on missile weapon attacks are halved for you.

Speak With Animals
The character is able to understand and converse with normal, non-magical animals. This ability does not grant any ability to command or compel any creature. Wood elven ranger and druids may receive this as a bonus feat at first level.
Trustworthy (SW)

Type 'A' Personality

The character is used to pushing others around and getting her way by rolling right over all opposition.
Benefit: The character receives +2 on initiative rolls and +2 on intimidation skill checks.