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February 17-19, 2005 "Adventures make one late for dinner"
February 20-23, 2005 "Lots of naked dancing girls."
February 24, 2005 Killing Slaver Scum
February 25, 2005"Friendly Fire - Isn't"

March 05 - 31, 2005           The Grey Hand of Winter - Thirty days of snow


4-01-05 A question of resources

4-03-05 “We represent the Ka Corporation”

4-04-05 Fallen Angel

4-05-05 Wild Horses

4-08-05 “Raise ye a castle”

4-10-05 The Thunderbird’s Test & the Church of the Risen Elvis

4-11-05 Kingmakers

4-14-05 “Oh, God, there’s three of them!”

4-15-05 The Olive Branch

4-20-05 Dream a Little Dream

4-21-05 "You die, she dies, everybody dies."

4-22-05 "Long Live the King!"

New Years Day, May 1, Anno Sociatas XL

5-01-05 The Chivalry is not yet dead

5-02-05 The Liberation of Cortez

5-06-05 Meeting the President

5-07-05 The Overlord of the Excalibur

6-19-05 “Can I change my species enemy to Mormons?”

6-20-05 Funeral for a Friend

6-21-05 Bringing Death to the Dead.

September 27-30, 2005 "Smurfs.  Why did it have to be Smurfs?"
October 1-8, 2005 "We don't need no stinkin' badgers!"
November 19-21, 2005Things to do in Denver when you're Undead
November 22-25, 2005The days are just packed...

November 26-27, 2005"A mind is a terrible thing to waste"

November 28-29, 2005"The sky shall rain peace upon them"
Nov. 29-Dec. 31, 2005"Could be worse. Could be raining", I