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How can we not take up the steel, for to serve our people’s need?oo
How can we leave our land to fall to any bandit’s greed?oooooooo
We have the skills to save our folk from whatever evil thrives,ooo
Admit the truth: this is the chance we’ve hoped for all our lives!
- Leslie Fish, Serious Steel

In February of 2005 (Anno Sociatas XIL), imagination and the trained will became more powerful than bombs or bullets.  People found that their hidden demons of desire, rage, and passion were now able to physically manifest their deepest and most secret wishes, often with terrible results.

Magic had returned to the world of iron and reason.

In populated areas, the damage was worst.  Magic was stronger and easier to work in areas of dense population.  The petty angers and frustrations of millions came boiling up and were made hideously real by the swelling pool of magic.  Road rage incidents which might otherwise have been limited to a few words and gestures became exchanges of silver flame and automatic weapons fire. 

Government forces tried desperately to keep the peace while the President appealed for calm, but to no avail.  Other forces, with a more sinister agenda, began to execute a plan many years in the making.  Orders were issued to round up all tainted individuals, and to place them in cattle cars bound for dark places.

Some fought.  Many died.  A few were twisted by the interaction of their hatred and the new magic.  And a few found it in themselves to become heroes.

D&D 3E

The Serious Steel Campaign

Hard Rock.

One by one, control of these centers of power have fallen into non-Overlord hands. Now, Venetian, and the responsibility for defending Las Vegas itself, has passed to a human.

Most of the population considers it a sign of increasing openness and opportunity. Others are glad that the city's defenders are now under the command of someone with actual military experience.

A few, however, see this as a dark portent. They know that the status quo is passing swiftly. This frightens them more than death itself...

...Which opens up a number of options they would not normally consider...

Olivia & Jazz's Quote Of The Day:

I dont eat animals because I have a preset kill limit, and I want to save it up for something good. - Anon

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A quick formality for the people in my group: some of the information in here is player knowledge.  I will trust in your good judgment.  


Everything on this site is a work of fiction and is not intended to be a depiction of any person or group, living, dead, or otherwise.  While portions of this site and the D&D campaign it documents are inspired in part by actual persons, groups, and events, this depiction is not intended to be realistic or accurate and should be interpreted as parody and exercise of creative license.    

A note from the DM: I would have never thought it would be necessary to put a disclaimer on a D&D game, but in this case I think the precaution is warranted.  I want to state up front that I don't intend to hurt or offend anybody.  I like and admire Governor Ventura, I don't dislike Mormons, and I'm not trying to cash in on the culture or spirituality of the Native cultures depicted herein.


Governor Ventura is a public figure.  The LDS church is well known and very active across the country.  The Big Mountain relocation, the Ghost Dance, and the prophecy of the white buffalo calf are all public knowledge.  Echelon, FIDNet, and Carnivore are also real, as are the CDC, NORAD and the NSA.  The campaign is set in a slightly twisted version of our world, but it draws from and is inspired by real people, groups, and events.  I've drawn from them and given them my own little reality spin (and a dose of parody), but only in the name of entertainment.

Neither am I attempting to challenge anyone's copyrights.  Any and all copyrights depicted herein remain with the lawful copyright holders (including my original art).  Consider it gratis product placement. ;-)

There are images on this site that contain nudity. Nothing explicit or involving underage farm animals or anything, but definitely for adults. If you are underage, ask your parents before wandering around in here. If you're a parent and you don't want your kids seeing 3D models of naked people, that's fine. I respect your wishes for your children.

But I'm not going to change or remove anything. Your children, your responsibility.

During my preparation for this campaign, I have put together a collection of images to be used as visual game aids. Some were taken from the official websites of the various public entities that appear here, with the NSA, the cities of Durango and Montrose, NORAD, and Gov. Ventura's page among the most prominent. I hope nobody minds too much, and I thank you for the use of these materials.

Bryan Fields

October 2000

Amended January 2001